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Fastener Supply Company is the complete source for your fastener requirements. The items shown here are just some of the many products available.We offer both standard products and specials, engineered to your specifications.Most items are available in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and nylon, and can be provided in both inch and metric sizes.

Offering quality products that you can depend on, Fastener Supply Company is an authorized distributor for the world’s leading fastener manufacturers. For assistance, or technical information, please contact the Fastener Supply Company branch in your area.


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Fastener Supply Company
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North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond ~

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Fastener Supply Company is proud to offer one of the largest selections in the Southeastern United States of fasteners and related products & services. We provide...

  • Quality products you can depend on
  • Proprietary lines provide engineering solutions
  • Authorized lines mean full factory support

Get a Quick Overview of the products we offer and the manufacturers we represent by checking out our "onLine Card"

ALPHABETICAL LISTING of some of the primary products include:

Adhesive Anchors
Allen Hex Keys
Aluminum Rivets
Blind Rivets
Brass Inserts
Bumpers & Feet
Cable Ties
Captive Panel Hardware
Captive Panel Screws
Captive Studs
Card Guides & Pullers
Centerlock Nuts
Chassis Fasteners
Circuit Board Hardware
Collars & Couplings
Connector Hardware
Couplings & Collars
Crownlock Nuts
Dowel Pins
Dril-Kwick Self Drilling Screws
Drill Bits
Drive Pin Rivets
Drop-In Anchors
E-Z Anchors
Ferrules & Handles
Fiber Optic
Handles & Ferrules
Hex Keys
Hose Clamps
Installation Tools
Insulating Washers
Iron Rivets
Jack Nuts
Lock Bolts
Lock Nuts
Lock Washers
Lubrication Fittings

Nylon Caps
Nylon Drive Anchors
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Nylon Plugs
Plasti-Fast Thread Rolling Screws
Plug Anchors
Precision Shoulder Screws
Pressure Plugs
Retaining Rings
Self-Clinching Fasteners
Sleeve Anchors
Socket Screws
Spacers & Standoffs
Spring Steel Fasteners
Spring Washers
Standoffs & Spacers
Surface Raceway
Swageform Thread Rolling Screws
Tapcon Anchors
Tapcon Anchors: Large Diameter
Tapcon Concrete Anchors
Threaded Inserts
Threaded Rod
Threaded Studs
Thumb Nuts
Thumb Screws
Toplock Nuts
Traxx/Teks Self-Drilling Screws
Ultragrip High Strength Rivets
Wedge Anchors
Weld Nuts
Weld Screws
Wire Rope Clamps
Wire Routing
Wiring Accessories
Wiring Duct
Woodruff Keys
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Fastener Supply Company
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